win7 shenanigans


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I go to delete a file and Microsoft says 'preparing to delete'. No preparation was needed, its a 10kb file. So its very simple, delete the file win7, ive already closed the program that was using it (and confirmed in task manager). If its another program, then tell me what it is. MS shenanigans #1.

Decided ill do some updates and play a very old game while windows update downloads and installs. What does Ms do, minimizes my game asking me to restart my PC. My icons go all over the place and I can't get back into my game (black screen on RA2). MS shenanigans #2 and #3.

As usual instead of MS giving me the option to 'post-pone' the pc restart indefinitely, it gives me a max time of 4 hours. Meaning I either need to kill the service or get nagged in 4 hours. MS shenanigans #4.

I reboot and it ask me to either continue or use safemode, but the keyboards not working. Need to wait for timer. MS shenanigans #5.

I get to windows logon screen and it tells me my password is wrong (even before I type it in, but to be honest, win7 always does this). MS shenanigans #6.

After moving all the icons on my desktop back to there general location im curious at which of the two files is my newer one (one of them I wanted to delete). right click on properties and instead of telling me the date modification time, it tells me '1 hour ago'. MS shenanigans #7.

But all these MS shenanigans fails in compassion to auto sort.

Do people who program win7 even use it? OR do they use linux/mac at home?

I feel your pain. I only have Win 7 on my laptop... and not by choice, other than that I use XP because I'm one of those people who like to actually get stuff done. Win 7 is incredibly sloppy software cobbled together by incredibly lazy people. This isn't like some terrible CD burning software that you just replace, this is basically your whole computer. Many people are pretty much stuck with Windows because of the software we use, and to be forced into something as bad as 7 just pisses me off every time I have to see it. To make it even remotely useable I've had to replace both the pitiful Start Menu (Classic Shell) and the entire windows explorer (Cubic Explorer). I think it's funny how they said they removed the Start Menu from 8 because "studies show" no one uses it anymore, but it's probably more like they couldn't fix it so they just took it out. I messed around with 8 for a little bit and found it every bit as bad as 7 only much harder to get around. I think Vista was intentional. That way, compared to it, 7 would look like a god-send, but really it was just preparing people for a time when they could do less and less with their computer while using more and more disc space and memory. People call that progress.

even with all these, i still prefer windows over linux. That has to do with my network connection which doesn't seem to agree to anything but windows


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I just do not know and cant imagine any possible scenario where Microsoft would think to themselves this (auto sorting) is a good thing... Its one thing adding an idiotic option as default that makes your life more difficult... But to make it the only option?

This drives me crazy. Makes my life much more difficult. I hate Microsoft because of it, its proof how malicious they can be (and I used to work for them).


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Microsoft killed our desktop gadgets so that they could dangle them in front of us with windows 8 metro apps, said they were a 'security risk.' guess metro desktop apps aren't a security risk, eh? I liked those silly apps, and don't like to have stuff taken from me to be sold back to me later.

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