Win7 Ultimate + Win 7 Premium + Win 8... cant get to Ultimate.

ok.. I have

Win 7 Ultimate on Drive A
Win 8 on Drive B
Win 7 Premium on Dive C (just installed)

during install.. all is fine, after 1st reboot, i see the win 7 boot menu... showing
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 7 Ultimate

finished installing.. reboot again

Win7 Ultimate boot option is gone
(and how do i get the Win8 boot loader menu back!)

so i fix it with EasyBCD.. reboot. pick Win 7 ultimate... booting....
Preparing Desktop... ??? what?
then after a bout 5 mins it switches to a completely blue screen that says
Setting up personalized settings for: Web Platform customization. and stops.. just sits there. left it for 1/2 hour. still there.

this was already installed and working fine!?? the win7 premium was installed on another HD (each OS on its own HD)

i have tried repairing.. and restore point (which for some reason, there are NONE now!)

so.. any ideas? i cant get it it to finishing booting into Win 7Ultimiate even though it worked fine before installing premium

(I was installing premium so i can just run games in it and leave all the other crap out)




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So, you can't boot to anything right now?

EasyBCD is not yet aware of Windows 8. Since the booting scenario has changed with it, there may be problems when using EasyBCD.

Have you disconnected and reconnected or changed the Hard Drive priority in the bios?

You may need to disconnect the other drives and just get your primary OS working using a Startup Repair.

If you were able to get one system to boot, you might be able to use msconfig.exe to set the boot order. If you loaded things correctly, the boot files should be in the Active partition on the primary drive, or System Partition.

If you can get into an Administrative command prompt, you might use the following command and then use the snipping tool to take a picture of the entire readout, and you may have to extend the window. Attach using the paperclip on the Advanced Replies page.


No.. i CAN boot fine to Win8 and Win7 Premium (the new install that seemed to cause all this)

Its the Win7 ultimate that can no longer get to the desktop... and WAS working fine before i decided that it would be great to have 2 Win7's!! lol.

Win 8: boots/works fine
Win 7 premium: boots/works fine
Win 7 ultimate: boots.. never finishes

EasyBCD beta does see windows 8 fine. problem is.. i liked that nice win8 boot menu and its gone! :( (from installing win7p)

so.. how do i fix the win7 ultimate.. it boots, the is preparing desktop, then gets to that odd
Setting up personalized settings for: Web Platform customization screen. I can ctr-alt-del and log off.. and see the log in screen fine, but when i pick my name.. it goes right back to "setting up" - BUT ITS NOT A NEW INSTALL!!!! grrr lol



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I did not say EasyBCD could not see Windows 8, just that it was not aware. Windows 8 uses custom BCD store entries that are not yet recognized, so certain situations may cause problems.

If you can boot into something, it might be good to get us a snipping tool picture of the Disk Management window. It makes it much easier to under your setup. You could post that along with the Bcdedit picture...

Have you tried using msconfig.exe to set Windows 8 as the default OS? Bcdedit may have changed the parameters for the boot, but I will know when I see the bcdedit picture.

I do not know why your original install thinks it is a new install. But I assume some file that keeps that information has been changed. If your Ultimate install was some type of upgrade from the Home Premium version, it might account for the situation.

Some folks have decided to keep their installs separate. Instead of having a boot menu, just install each OS as an independent boot and use a key to select the boot device during startup.

win8 is default and works fine
win7 works fine

win7 ultimate was a fresh install (around a year ago)
BCD is not the issue....since all 3 boot.

just one never gets to the desktop...

so, i think my question is... if the restore points are gone/broken... is there another way to fix this issue where is wont finish booting the the desktop?

I really wanted to have a clean install for just games but i am thinking that is NOT going to happen and i now have to start installing ALL my stuff back in.. THEN try again on the other HD. this sucks

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