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I am currently running Win7 Ultimate on my Acer Aspire 5000 notebook. I wanted to upgrade the memory from factory installed 1 GB to 2 GB. I purchased 2 ea. 1 GB sticks of DDR-333MHz-CL2.5, PC 2700S memory. I installed the memory, booted up, went into the BIOS and seeing that the BIOS recognizes the new RAM, i continued on. Low and behold, would not boot into the OS. I received a Check sum error. So i shut down>restarted>hit F1, still nothing but a Black Screen of Death. Removed the new Ram, installed the old Ram...booted into OS no problem. Contacted ACER website...not much use i am wondering if some of you gurus out there have some good ideas for me. I appreciate all of the help that i've received already from this great group...GO WINDOWS7FORUM....HOORAH! Cheers and beers to all!:p


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F1 does what, put you into the Bios setup?

Do you need to change the amount of memory in the Bios somewhere?

I will have to take your word you are using the correct type of memory.

Can you get to the safe mode using f8?


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F1 should take me into Setup, F2 puts me in the BIOS. I checked in the BIOS though i don't see where any changes can be made for the memory. The Bios is telling me that the new memory is recognized. I am failry certain that the new memory matches the old. I'll try booting into the safe mode using f8.


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Did you make absolutely positively without question sure that the DDR-333MHz-CL2.5, PC 2700S was the correct memory for your machine?


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The company sent me the same memory as indicated. Don't want to mention companies as this may be against forum rules. One can input the type of PC they have, make, model, etc and the appropriate match shows up. However, I did check the existing memory and went downtown to a PC store here and the new memory does match the old. it is still the weekend on that side of the world (i live in Japan) so i have not received a reply on my query to the memory supplier. i'll keep you posted.

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