Win7 Video Card Compatibility


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I am running Win7 on my home built machine. MB is a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2h and need to install a video card...the following card appears to be compatible with the MB, Visiontek 900231 Radeon 3450, 512 MB DDR2 Memory. But, the site doesn't indicate that this card is compatible with Win7, only XP and Vista. Do you think there may be a problem. My MB has not been in use that long although it is an older model...don't want to upgrade the MB yet. The Vid Card is around $70. don't want to go much steeper than that as i need to upgrade my monitor as well. Any thought from you guru's out there. Cheers and beers:beer_mug:That said, should i install Win7 64 bit first or after the new vid card is installed?The MB/Proc is 64bit compatible. More cheers and beers:beer_mug::beer_mug::beer_mug:

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