Windows 7 win7 weird behaviour


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Recently my Win7 Beta is behaving very weird:

1. The taskbar (explorer) is not freezing, yet the clock does not update;
I had to kill explorer and run it again, then clock updates.
It freezes again

Task manager shows no processes in the list as I launch it.
Pressing F5 will refresh the list and you see the processes

killing a process, will kill it, but you have to press F5 to have the list refresh so you no longer see the process

Popup menus persisting:
sometimes if I right click in the browser and never select anything from the menu, and click away, some menu items will still be on top of other windows on the screen! ;(
Log off will solve this issue

File Save freezes: Sometimes, even using notepad, if I say File->Save, notepad hangs and stops responding.
Similar with other programs

etc...many issues.

I scanned my PC for rootkits, viruses, found none....I will try to scan again from a bootable device (any suggestion for an integrated tool that does all this for you once you boot?)

anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Reinstall. Sorry man, betas don't always install right. I had a host of weird issues the first time I installed build 7057 on my desktop. The second install went perfectly and I don't have a single issue.
Hi Camride,

I can give reinstallation as a last try. (did you simply reinstall over existing installation w/o losing your previous settings or was it a clean reinstall?)

Hope someone else can shed some lights regarding these weird behaviors.

Another issue is that the SQL server express service pack 3 shows up all the time even if I install it...
It is listed many times in my update history now! ;(