win7->win7 Migration problem


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Hey peeps.

I have recently bought a new and faster harddrive for my pc. I want to move my windows 7 installation unto that harddrive.
Currently it is installed on a 7200rpm disk but the new is 10k rpm, yay.

I have installed windows 7 on the new disk and is able to succesfully boot in any of them, so all is good so far....
Now, here is my problem, since the 10k disk is smaller than the 7200 disk i cannot move ALL the programs and such over there, and i will only need the shortcuts and my start menu etc. to point on C and not B (C drive is old 7200 disk, B is 10k disk.)

I have tried the Easy Transfer tool but that don't move my startmenu and such..
I also tried a program called laplink pc-mover which works great if you are moving to an entirely new pc, but since i am not, it don't work (it wants to copy ALL my programs to a new drive...)

Does anyone have any tips on how to move my start-menu and settings??

Best regards