Win7 won't boot, disk error?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am experiencing a very strange and annoying problem. Specifically around 1,5 month ago my netbook turned itself off because of the empty battery, and i received a bluescreen when i've tried to start it again.

    First thing i've attempted to do was startup repair (worked like a charm in the past) but for some reason it took about an hour to load up (all I could see was just the installation screen background), eventually ended with a bluescreen. I thought it could be a hard disk problem, so i took it out of the pc and connected it to my home computer. It was recognised just fine and I could access it without a problem. I've made copy of all the data and reformatted it, then i was able to install windows on it (there was some bad sectors found as far as i remember). After the installation i've noticed one of the partitions is not accessible as the pc was just freezing and hard drive started to make weird noises.

    Week after i've decided to replace HDD and buy some additional memory, everything was working fine for around 3 weeks, until today morning. Yesterday night i've turned the pc off as usual (complete shutdown rather than hibernation). This morning i've pressed the power button, was able to see windows loading screen (the one where it says 'Starting windows') and BOOM! - bluescreen.

    Situation seems to be pretty much the same, no modes are working (safemode, debugging, last known good config etc.) - all end up on a bluescreen. I've ran startup repair and waited for about an hour to finally get to the screen which says it's attempting to fix hard disk problems (sitting like that for 2h now), but for god's sake it's a new hard drive!

    I've no idea what to do, i don't want to completely format my hard drive every few weeks. I did nothing wrong and i've no clue what could cause this.

    Hardware specs below:
    Windows 7 Ultimate x86
    Samsung N150-JA-01PL:
    CPU: Atom N450 1.66GHz
    RAM: 2GB Kingston 800MHz
    HDD: Samsung HM500JJ 500GB 7200RPM SATAII

    Does anyone if there's anything i could do instead of reformatting the drive again?

    I have already tried many solutions, none of them appeared to work.
    Sorry for a lil' bit long drama post.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Have you tried removing the "additional memory" that you added when you replaced the HD.
    My second concern in that you replaced the hard drive with a 7200rpm drive. There is not much information available on your specific netbook, but the two references that I did find show that the device comes with a 5400rpm hard drive, so I am a bit concerned reguarding adequate heat dissipation from the faster hard drive.
    Try again, removing the hard drive from the netbook and attaching it again to your other machine and then run the check disk utility against it with the /R switch (implies /F so the /F switch is redundant and unnecessary)
    Command prompt
    chkdsk X: /R ("X:" is whatever drive letter the disk assumes when attached to other machine, also do not include "\" backslash when referencing the drive letter)
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    Apr 17, 2011
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    Haven't tried that yet. Actually it's a one 2GB stick i've just replaced the old 1GB with it, worked great so far.

    Yes, the initial drive was Hitachi 5400RPM. I've contacted samsung support to confirm if there won't be any problems if i replace it with 7200RPM one, they said it should work fine and it actually did... until today :(

    At the moment I am still stuck on the startup repair which is pretending to be fixing hdd problems (it's almost 4h already) and I'm little bit scared of shutting the pc down at this time as when i've tried to cancel it, it said 'It is not possible to cancel this operation' I just don't want to cause any harm to my hard drive. Would it be safe just to shut it down? If so, I can try the solution you've mentioned.

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

    EDIT: Finally after 5h of 'fixing hdd problems' the pc started as usual, windows has loaded just fine. I've ran CHKDSK to see if there are any bad sectors, it's stuck on 13% (files: 28248 of 130544) and found lots of errors so far.

    I still have no clue what could be the cause, i didn't even install anything and the drive's brand new. I'm running out of ideas ;x
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    [langtitle=pl]Re: Win7 won't boot, disk error?[/langtitle]

    [lang=pl]Przepraszam z góry że podłanczam się do wątku-ale niechce zakąłdać kolejnego,a szczerze -to niemam za bardzo czasu przegladać innych.

    Problem jest następujący- w dniu wczorajszym zakupiłam laptopa Acer Aspire 5742 z windowsem 7.wszystko było wporządku do momentu kiedy nie wyświetlił się komunikat że aktualizacje do windowsa są gotowe do pobrania.mądra ja -kliknęłam ok i potem już było tylko gorzej.
    zawieszał się i cięzko było cokolwiek zrobić i wyłączał się chyba z 10min.
    niestety dziś próbowałam go włączyć i nic czekałam jakieś 15min i po wpisaniu hasła dostępu wyświetliło się niebieskie tło i widać żę się coś kręci ale niestety nic się dalej nie działo i zrezygnowałam. (niestety trzeba było iść do pracy)
    proszę o pomoc jaka może być przyczyna?
    Jestem średnio obeznana jeżeli chodzi o takie sprawy technicznme w komputerach i błagam o pomoc.[/lang]

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