Windows 7 Win7 wont boot


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first of all, i wanna say this is my first post on these forums, hence i really need help if i was required to make an account and post about it >.<

ok so the problem im having is with the boot of windows 7. it started yesterday evening, for the first time since i had windows 7 i clicked log out instead of restart and my PC got a dead blue screen, vista i rebooted and my monitor wasnt working but windows 7 was (i could hear skype and msn logging in)
i knew what the problem was, had the same thing in XP as well when i shut down my pc after i unplugged my monitor and the usual solution was to start in safe mode and restore my system to a previous date
and so i did, i restored it to 3 feb, when windows 7 update detected some new ati drivers and installed them...
all fine and dandy, windows loads, monitor works...mouse appears on the black screen, i wait...and wait...and 2 houres later its still the same, a white cursor that i can move on the black screen...nothing else, ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-shift-esc wont work, alt-f4 either...actually its like...stuck...
tried safe mode, the same...
tried almost every boot option, same...

now im on windows xp (i wouldnt risk installing 7 on my normal HDD so i installed it on a different partition, dual boot ftw) and trying to figure what else i can do without erasing all my settings :)

if anyone can help me out, i would be deeply apreciative
meh, didnt work, so i formated my partition...i couldnt be arsed to waste more time...
as for windows 7, its works perfectly now :> had an error with start menu, dragged and dropped favorites there by mistake and couldnt remove it, fixed now :D
also the preview didnt work till i reinstalled, its fine now :D