win7 x64 Build 7100 Wont install Updates?

Hello well recently win 7 has been trying to download the same 3 Updates. but every time it has ran into a error, which i did not understand where it was coming from.

After a few days of searching i gave up and i went to turn off my pc. then i found the problem.(i dont turn off my pc that often)
It seem that I needed to shut down the pc so it can install a update. i turned off pc it installed.

problem is when i relogged the next day i looka t the shut down button and the UPdate Symbol was still there. i shut down my pc again. relogged and the symbol was still there. i repeated this process about 5-7 times, then i came to the conclution that windows is not installing update.

Now the windows has not given me any kind of error mesg or (blue screen of death) or any indication that there is something wrong. all it does that it "installs" this update every time i turn off pc.

also i notice that every time i do this and i relog alot of my settings go back to default. for exmaple my Microsoft BlueTooth mouse settings reset (only thing i really noticed). no i might just be paranoid and thats a differnt problem all in it self.

so what do i do to get win to install that update so it can continue updating it self because since it wont install that update it wont download others and try to in stall them.?????

thanks in advance for your assistance.


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You could try deleting the Windows Update Cache? If you haven't then here is how to do it.
Click "Start" and then type "services". Click the on the file called "Services" scroll down and right click "Windows Update". Choose "Stop". Now leave the services window open. Navigate to C/Windows/SoftwareDistribution and delete the Downloads folder.
Now go back to the services window and right click again on the "Windows Update" and choose "start".
OK now you have to do a restart of your computer.
Please note that this will mean that Windows Update will download the updates again.

thanks ill try that.


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Fingers crossed...:D

well i tried it Thought it was gonna work it looked like it was gonan work. it didnt work.

I keep getting Error 646 17 Failed updates with an additional 36 optional uptates. which havnt downloaded.

I called Microsoft Technical sopport, there response was that they have not Opened there Win 7 tech suppose as of yet. (so they cant help me).

Any more suggestions??


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I'd check those 30 odd updates as some will be extra language packs which you don't really need.. I have the same (see screenshot).

You could try this.. Check which updates have failed by looking through your update history, then go to the windows update site and download them. Then, making sure you run as administrator, you could manually install them yourself..

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Other updates that may have failed would be for drivers you instaled from manufacturere's website that are newer than what Windows offers.

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