Windows 7 Win7 x64 only sees 3 gigs of ram!


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Apr 29, 2009
I'm using the 64bit version of windows 7 build 7100, and it only sees 4 gigs of ram, but only 3 is usable. I thought this was only an issue with 32 bit OS.
i got an
-Asus p5b-E motherboard
-intel 6600 dual core
-2 gigs of OCZ, Ram
-2 gigs Crucial, Ram
-Radeon 1950XT

Any ideas as to why it cant access the other 1 gig? i will upload screen shots later, but im at work right now.
Ok, im home now, i looked at my computer properties, along with a sidebar that measures my ram usage. you can see that in the top right corner. and its only using 3 gigs. any ideas?
It says usable...but don´t worry its all there, but the running programs eat up ~1,1gig of memory..
Its gonna change every time, don´t worry.
3,00 Ram Usable

I Have 6 GB in RAM and only 3,00 USABle..... I have the 64bits win7 Ultimate edition. The board is Intel 945GNT With 4 Slot, distribution: A = 2GB 800 MHZ B = 2GB 800 MHZ, C = 1GB 533 MHZ and D = 1gb 667 MHZ. In the Bios All Is OK, i cant see changes to do..., Whats the problem?
I fixed the issue. My BIOS required me to turn on the 'memory remap feature' and now the post screen and windows see the full four GIGS of RAM
^^ dam I was going to say that! without it your BIOS is limited acess to the first 3GB not your OS. Glad you fixed it
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