WinAmp problem [NEED HELP!!!!]

hi everyone i need ur help!
Yesterday i choice to change something on my PC so i install the newest winamp on my pc.
i like to play games and listen music in same time. So when i play a game like counter-strike, and i listen to music, when song will end and have to start the next one, the PC is freezeing for 10 sec, 10 seconds is big time so other players can kill me ... and i hate that, btw i dont mean its freezeing only in game, when i surf on net, and the next song is starting its freezeing for 10 seconds.. and its boring and make me angry that waiting... -.-

hope ya understand and u'll help me :)


Problem solved i find on other forum, i dont know how to remove the post so the admins can lock this post..
btw i set compatibility mod for windows vista, and its no freezeing anymore..

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