Window 10 snap feature - Over and under

Hey! I myself think that the snap function is much improved and useful in Windows 10. However , I wonder if i somehow can " maximize " two windows over and under each other instead of side by side? Have tried this but without success on one of my screens which is vertical ; would be very useful when I coding websites and the like.

I am using windows 10, if that makes any difference.

By " snap" I mean the winbutton + left/rightarrow to get windows "maximized" side by side on the same screen.


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I don't use the snap feature, I prefer to manually place the windows. But, after it was first introduced, I experimented with it. I even read on help forums that it was simply a question of using the up and down arrows, instead of left/right - didn't work for me! I finished up with a random choice of windows on my desktop.
Not sure to what extent you need to code websites, but, when I need to have a "quicky" on my own website, I use the F12 tool.


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It may depend on particular computers - no idea, but, for vertical placement, on any programs, all the win + up/down arrow keys do for me is maximise or send the program to the taskbar.

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