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Windows 10 Window 10 update problem

John S

New Member
Aug 5, 2015
I began th e installation of Windows 10 on my Lenovo Ideapad Flex 10 with windows 8 on it. It was taking a while, so I left I to do its thing. When I came back about 30 minutes later, it was at a screen that said "no bootable device, hit any key". So I hit ente, and it opened up boot manager. It said how to go up and down to select options , but there was no options. It said press escape to exit, so I pressed escape, and it brought me to get another screen that says, "no bootable devices -- Please restart system"
When I press the power button my laptop turns off. When I turn it back on, it does the whole thing over again. And when I restart it it makes a evening noise twice about every 5 seconds.
Please help, I have no idea what the problem is...
I would think. The "get windows 10" thing on the taskbar said my computer was compatible.
I would think. The "get windows 10" thing on the taskbar said my computer was compatible.
Had you said that in your first post yes I would then know that you used the GWX app to do this upgrade and therefore don't in fact have Windows 8 as you said...

In your shoes, I would take a look at their (Lenovo) website to see if this is a known problem but I don't own any of them so I'll butt out now... good luck with it mate.
The box that the laptop came in said it is a Windows 8.1 system.
Yes windows 8 is one system and windows 8.1 is another different system... I know that's a silly way to name them but I don't have any control over what Microsoft does.

Again, good luck with it
even though your box said it was Windows8.1, you actually have to check the Windows running on the laptop by going to Start -->My Computer and look at properties, or search on THIS PC. If you have LENOVO FACTORY RECOVERY discs, I suggest you apply those and do a Windows reset to reset your laptop to factory settings. Then look at the version it's running. If it's 8.1 as you said, I suggest you try it again. It should work as norway mentions. If however, it's Win8; you'll need to upgrade to 8.1 through the Windows store--it's a free upgrade, but not nearly as easy to upgrade 8-->8.1 as 8.1-->10. If that's the case, you may want to take your Lenovo to your local Computer Pro and do the 8-->8.1 upgrade properly and pay him to do for you; or if you're loaded, pay him to to the 8/8.1-->10 upgrade directly!

Best of luck,