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Apparently English is not his major accomplishment A post counter, I suspect, or maybe he just wants to be part of the community but lacks the necessary..


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Microsoft has released the latest update before resolving a number of outstanding issues. But at least they now provide a more centralized location for getting update information. The home page (dashboard) can be found here and the specific page for the latest update can be found here.


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What is update in window 10?

Microsoft has just released it`s Windows 10 update with the new features.

Here is what you will get with latest Windows 10 Update. Before installing the update i would like to make you aware that this update contains a lot of bugs on which Microsoft is still working. It`s advised to install this update via Media creation tool rather than using windows updater even on your
windows sever or vm.

  • Speed Improvements.
  • 7 GB of Your PC’s Storage Reserved for Updates.
  • A Light Desktop Theme.
  • Windows Sandbox for Professional Users.
  • A Less Cluttered Default Start Menu.
  • Windows 10 Lets You Uninstall More Built-in Apps.
  • Cortana and the Search Bar Are Separating.
  • The Start Menu Searches All Your PC’s Files.
  • Passwordless Login.
  • A System Tray Icon for Windows Update.
  • Desktop Apps in Virtual Reality.
  • More Automatic Troubleshooting.
  • Easy Access to Linux Files.
  • Notepad Improvements, Once Again.
  • Blue Screens of Death in Some Games.

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