window 7 display problem (black boarder)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by wuz, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. wuz

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    please somone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first ill start with my system

    optoma projector HD-80 (1080p)
    Denon 3808CI A/V reciever (1080p passthrough and upconvertion)
    ATI 4879 X2 video card (HDMI capable)
    AMD 940 Phenom II prosessor
    Samsung 23" monitor

    I first had windows vista installed (no problems) then i installed a fresh copy of windows 7 (oem copy supplied with purchase of computer)

    i have my system set up as follows

    -computer via dvi to monitor
    -computer via HDMI to denon amp via HDMI to projector
    note: video card has dual monitor output

    both monitor and projector are set to 1080p resolution through windows and ati catalyst control centre. samsung monitor displays 1080p full screen no border but the projector has a black boarder all around
    note: if im running any games out of windows i get the full image with no boarders

    here is what i've done to isolate the problem

    first unintall all video card drivers and luck
    second replace video card with ATI 4850 (HDMI also) luck
    third swap the two monitor and projector outputs on the back of the video luck
    fourth go through ati catalyst control center and force a 1080p resolution in the settings ..........and u guessed it no luck
    fifth i came up with the idea of plugging the computer right to the projector and skip the reciever just to check, and there it is full picture

    so u would think its the amp although the firmware is upgraded and all my components in the system are 1.3a HDMI compatible.
    i went and purchased a brand new pioneer reciever with HDMI and swaped it but the same exact boarder.

    therefore i think that the problem is in the windows 7 because all these components worked fine togather before the new instulation of windows

    please if u have any ideas or hopfully a solution let me know
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    Oct 31, 2009
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    I ve got to say that i have the same problem with my W7 Pro.
    My LCD is connected to HD3200 (IGP) via HDMI native resolution of display 1920x1080 but there is boarder!
    I've instaled newest bios, GPU drivers, Updates from windows but nothing helped.

    What's funny on second HDD i've got seven ultimate but RC version running without any problems with the same driver set!
    I have studied lots of forums but no help at all :/

    And tech support on microsoft site is out of order :/ HELP !
  3. wuz

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Well I had found a temporary solution in the latest driver From ati (9.2 I believe) if you go to the catalyst control centre Click on displays then right Click at the bottom logo of your monitor, go to the last option at the bottom then go to the gpu scaling tab and set it to 0%

    I undersland that this will not give you a true 1080 picture but that's the best option for now

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