Window 7 my games slowly to open when i connect to network

sir ill buy new 6 amd II x4 quad core cpu and asus mobo nvidia chips set and 95gt GC . 2gig memory unit. ill install it by windows 7 ulti 6.1vers. this is the problem when i connect the cpu to the hub and router my games is to long to open like warcraft and resident evit 5 but there no problem to the network connection they can access each other when i remove the utp or disconnect the network adapter my game is fast to open. ill try to unchecked the ipvp 4 my games is open fast 2. sec. my router TL-R460 and my switch d-link des-1008D - please help me to solved this problem and ill try connect all my computer to the hub its the same slowly. i dont have internet connection

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It makes it harder to troubleshoot a problem if it's posted in more than one place. Much better to update a thread than to start a new one somehere else. Plus we can assure everyone that nothing escapes our attention be it just posted or several weeks old, be it marked 'URGENT' or not.

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