window 7 not showing the destop after fresh Installation

i install windows 7 ultimate ver 7100 and when installation is complete windows 7 is not showing the destop, the message is showing in right side of screen "Evolution copy" build 7100 and the whole screen is black. i hear the login sound of windows, but the problum is still there the window destop is not showing

i have 2 GB ram and core 2 duo prosser 2.0 gz and my motherboard is intel 945 GCNL and my display adepter is nVIDIA 8400gs with 512mb memory, i have 160 gb sata hard drive
please tell me how can i solve this problum :(:(


That beta version is expired. Please obtain the RTM of Windows 7 and install if you'd like to use Windows 7.

Thanks 4 rply But i use RTM also but the problum is still there. destop is gona black, i hear the login sound of windows but can't see anything

I'm going to take an educated guess here that these Windows versions have been obtained through torrents. Many of them are not proper versions and contain all sorts of harmful malware.

The two possible reason that this is happening to you is because you haven't activated the RTM or that the original Windows install file was not obtained from an authentic source.

Advice: Obtain a genuine copy of Windows RTM. Clean install to a formatted hard drive or partition. Then activate with a proper key.

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