Window 7 USB DVD Drive Detection

Pioneer External USB DVD\RW unit detected and worked fine on an XP desktop, no problem, worked fine and detected on a Vista Laptop....Upgraded Vista Toshiba Satellite to Win 7 Ultimate and now external USB DVD drive not detected at all...the device is powered by AC power and turns on OK...but it is NOT showing up in COMPUTER window, a reg USB 8GB flash drive does though and is detected, one more quirk...although not detected on computer, IT IS listed in BIOS as a boot device and works as such as I have used a rescue disk and that worked. This is just strange.:confused:

do you have any drivers for it or software, If so install them, Visit their web site for the Latest stuff if need be, see if this works

No there are no drivers...none that I can find anyway...and XP and Vista auto detected it and it all worked fine until I upgraded to Win 7...or is it just possible that 7 just won't support an external DVD won't detect it in safe mode does show up as a boot device but it won't show up in Computer on normal start up.


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Does it show up in disk management?

It does not show up in disk's almost normal except for the fact, it's listed as a boot option in BIOS and all other USB flash drives do work..a real head scratcher

No I appreciate it..I want an answer as this is driving me mad...why on earth would it show as a boot option and not just show up when 7 boots up normally?


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You're not hiding empty drives under folder options view tab are you?

Well never saw that option but it was checked but not anymore..didn't help...I guess it will remain a strange issue

is the USB port cactus or the cord damaged?

No the cord is fine...USB ports are fine as a flash drive works just fine in it..the DVD drive itself is 110 AC powered, could that be an issue? Some power management setting in 7 I don't know about? Remember, it works OK on an XP desktop and it shows up in BIOS as a boot device so USB port must be working.

Why is the drive 110v AC powered shouldn't it be 240v AC? it is under powered?

OK it's 120v...regular household current....USB flash drive detected fine...USB DVD not detected or in disk management or device manager but in BIOS as boot option.


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does issue persist if the drive is only plugged in after reaching desktop

Yes..interesting thing...every time you plug in any USB device, laptop makes a little "bloink" noise just for a second, I guess to let you know it's in correctly...USB flash drives make it does this DVD player..except DVD player won't register anywhere in Win 7...I'm pretty sure this will remain a mystery as it's just something that shoulb be working and no possible reason why it isn't.


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No reference to the device in device manager either?

Nope....nowhere..not in device manager under anything..not in disk management...not in Computer where C and D drives are detected fine...even a USB flash drive will be detected's just like it's invisible.


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No yellow shields or exclamation marks regarding unknown or other devices in device manager?

Nope...device manager looks just fine and yes view hidden devices is checked...not a thing wrong anywhere. It's just bizarre.

OK it's 120v...regular household current....USB flash drive detected fine...USB DVD not detected or in disk management or device manager but in BIOS as boot option.
Ok I think it's under powered because regular House hold Current is 20A 250V AC 2400W

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