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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by justconen, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Sep 3, 2010
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    Hi Guy

    I just brought a new Toshiba Qosmia Lappy and since getting it home cant shut it down without bpushing the power button.

    Of course this means the safe restart option everytime. Most annoying to but the suppoed latest greatest just to find allthese glitches.

    Anyway I have seen you work miricale with the others so thought Id try your skills

    I have attached the Mini Dump as seen on others.

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  2. TorrentG

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    May 31, 2010
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    Hey there.

    Update all of your drivers from Toshiba for your model. Make sure you include the TOshiba HDD Protection driver as well because that is your particular issue:

    thpdrv   thpdrv.sys   Sun Jun 28 22:03:26 2009
    Now, if you want your pc to perform much better and efficient, uninstall Norton/Symantec in safe mode using the tool found here:

    AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

    Boot to normal mode and install MSE to replace.

    Update all of your Logitech drivers for all devices you have from them. I see some old ones that definitely need it.
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  3. Elmer

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Slightly off topic TG, but how do you know Drivers are out of date (and you do)? Do you have links to all sites? I mean if you ask Windows/M$ Update it always (nearly) tells you that you have the latest drivers. (inbuilt M$'s of course).

    I'm just curious, that's all.
  4. cybercore

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Toshiba drivers as of 2007 cannot be compatible with Windows 7 anyway, so this is one reason they need be updated. The second reason is all dumps point to the same problem caused by TOSHIBA HDD Protection Driver, which is of June 2009. Drivers of summer 2009 are not the best versions for Windows 7 either.


    PROCESS_NAME: System
    BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_nt!KiSwapContext+26
    A driver is causing an inconsistent power state

    090410-22479-01.dmp, 090410-22089-01.dmp, 090410-18236-01.dmp, 090410-17706-01.dmp
    A driver is causing an inconsistent power state
    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_thpdrv+14f3
    Probably caused by : thpdrv.sys
    TOSHIBA HDD Protection Driver

    Drivers to update:

    Afc.sys Wed Feb 23 08:58:55 2005
    PPdus ASPI Shell by Arcsoft, Inc

    regi.sys Mon Apr 16 18:19:05 2007

    LHidFilt.Sys Thu Apr 12 02:28:19 2007
    LMouFilt.Sys Thu Apr 12 02:28:23 2007
    Logitech SetPoint(TM)

    pgeffect.sys Mon Jun 22 12:04:57 2009
    TOSHIBA Universal Camera

    RTKVHDA.sys Mon Nov 02 12:43:41 2009
    Realtek(r) High Definition Audio

    rixdpe86.sys Sat Jul 04 12:37:06 2009
    Ricoh PCIe xD Controller

    nvlddmkm.sys Fri Nov 13 12:39:00 2009
    NVIDIA Compatible Windows Vista Kernel Mode Driver, Version 175.30

    TVALZFL.sys Fri Jun 19 13:27:46 2009
    TOSHIBA ACPI-Based Value Added Logical and General Purpose Device Driver

    tosrfec.sys Mon Jun 01 09:58:51 2009
    TOSHIBA Bluetooth EC Driver

    nuvotonhidcir.sys Mon Aug 31 16:34:25 2009
    Nuvoton HID CIR Receive

    rtl8192se.sys Fri Oct 02 08:33:23 2009
    Realtek RTL81892SE Wireless LAN PCI-E NIC

    GEARAspiWDM.sys Mon May 18 15:16:53 2009
    GEAR Software. Besides being obsolete, it is the filter driver for 2k and XP, not 7.

    tos_sps32.sys Wed Jun 24 08:36:21 2009

    thpdrv.sys Mon Jun 29 05:03:26 2009
    Thpevm.SYS Mon Jun 29 11:15:50 2009
    TOSHIBA HDD Protection - Shock Sensor Drivers

    spldr.sys Mon May 11 19:13:47 2009
  5. TorrentG

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    May 31, 2010
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    I have a mental index of almost all drivers on all machines. I simply just know what the deal is and which ones are known to fail and which are just good to update etc...

    Windows Update and drivers don't mix the same like drinking and driving lol. Never do that, heh heh. Especially for video drivers.

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