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I am looking for a way to set all my folders (viewed with win. Explorer) to use one visual look.
all use Details.
all use the same columns (Name, Size, Type).
all with the same column widths.

It would be nice to set all current folders like this, and have any newly created folders to default to this.
I would like to be able to temporarily change the view using the normal methods of changing folder view, but for these changes to not stick around.

I realize that particularly for the last one it is unlikely I will be able to find something that does that, but thought I might as well ask.

Did you ever do that in XP?
Well, it's virtually the same thing in Vista or Win-7, just harder to get to.

Sorry I don't have Win-7 running right now.


Well their is the Folder Options>Apply to Folders button, which was always enough to satisfy me using winXP.
but it does not really seem to do anything in Win7.

Am I daft or what? But I don't see where this love affair comes from for windows 7, when simple little tasks we did with a mouse click or two in XP takes all sorts of acrobatics in W-7 if you can even figure out how to do it at all.

I'm using the Classic XP theme, which does make many things work easier, but unfortunately it doesn't fix everything. I even copied Solitaire off of my XP HD because I can't stand the way they screwed up my favorite Windows Game, in Win-7.

Also, win-7 is supposed to be impervious to BSOD's, and yet, in every forum you see people screaming their heads off about all the BSOD's they are getting in Win-7 !:confused:
What's up with that?

The only BSOD I've had in ten years, was in Win-7. I never had one with XP.

Oh well, thank God I don't have to run that OS (Win-7) for my everyday work.:p


I agree, many things have been made harder or impossible to do in XP.
7 does have so interesting new features, but they are outweighed by the overall worsening of the existing features.
unfortunately XP is outdated and does not take advantage of new hardware and lots of new software does not run on it.


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Did you ever do that in XP?
Well, it's virtually the same thing in Vista or Win-7, just harder to get to.

I have the same question as the OP, but without the hostility.

First, no, I never found a way to do this in XP. My problem is that if I have a folder with text, doc and other non-media files in the details view mode, and add one media file, Windows changes the view "for" me. I don't want Windows making this decision, ever. That's what I would like to turn off - make the folder view completely manual.

Help would be appreciated.

Not sure if this is what you are after:
open any explorer window.
Modify it to the view you like.
Under "tools" (if you can't see it press the "Alt" key) go to "Folder Options"
Tick "Always show Icons, never thumbnails" (This seems to help in picture folders, of course this won't work well if you WANT the files to be displayed as thumbnails...)
Click "Apply to all folders"
Click "OK"
This should be it.

Just figured out, at least how to do the main part of question.

The reason that "Folder Options>Apply to Folders button" does not seem to work very well is that it only effects folders of the same type, so for your normal files folders, picture folders, music folders, video folders, etc. you have to do "Folder Options>Apply to Folders button" for each of them.


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wisnoskii - This generally works for most normal folders, but as soon as I put a graphics file into a folder that formerly had none, Windows decides to make the whole folder into a Pictures folder.
I want to turn that automatic "feature" off.

well I did not mean it as a solution for your specific question.

But I wish I knew how to do what you are asking, I kind-of doubt that it is really possible tho.

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