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    May 15, 2010
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    I have a problem.When i move a window, i see that line, but i wanna move the window without to see that lines.In Windows xp, i know how to solve that, but in Windows 7 i don't found that menu.

    Sorry for my bad english..

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    Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums! :)

    Give this a try..

    Open Control Panel --> System. In the left side menu, select Advanced System Settings.

    In the Performance section click the Settings Button. Select the Visual Effects tab.

    Select the 'Show window contents while dragging' option.

    Click Apply --> OK.

    *If this option is already selected, try unselecting it and hitting apply..**

    This should do the trick, if it doesn't let me know and we'll try something different..

    This sometimes happens after uninstalling or installing new gpu drivers.. It's more or less just a small annoying glitch in most cases.. ;)
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