Windowes 7 PC Messed up

512 mb ram
Dell dimension 5000

there is a PC in my house that is totally messed up.. there are two main problems:

First of all: When it is on it ranges from 2 minutes to 1 hour, but the screen just freezes. nothing you can do about it. it just freezes no mouse, keyboard or screen works. now i have a feeling that it might be a driver problem for the moniter, because the only way to turn off the PC is to keep the power button on the box pressed. My problem (i think) is the same as these problems:

Windows 7 freezes

Windows 7 Freezes Unknown Reason...


Second Problem: when it freezes and i turn off the computer using the power buttopn i turn it back on, the power button turns orange and a loud fan noise coems up, so i take out the plugs and put them back in and the noise comes back. after waitin g a day, i turn it on for the first time again and it didnt do anything so it was working, i logged in and then guess what? the PC froze again. if i try again im going to TRY and update driver in the device manager but it seems impossible atm.. the problem is similar to:

what can i do???!!!
please help,

PS: Safe mode doesnt work, it freeezes when loading all the files for safe mode to start up, i have tried doing safe mode a couple of times during the past week.

PS 2: this problem only started occuring when we moved the whole PC downstairs, and while things were being moved, the PC was hoovered because of the dust- the hoover Did NOT hoover up any computer components, i am sure of it.

thank you so much,

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Hi Billy,
welcome to the forum :)

Thankyou for your post, the extra information is always helpful.

After reading your post, the first thing I suggest is to open up your pc (when it's unplugged of course) and go through each connection making sure everything is seated right and connected together.

Then, if possible, boot from your installation disk and re-install...

Let me know how you get on with the above and if no joy then please post back...

thanks for your reply,
unfortunately everything is connected properly, and everything and i have also tried re-installation- both did not work :(
do you have any other suggestions?- i think its a moniter problem.


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Have you tried finding drivers for the monitor? (although this is normally not needed..)

tried, but the PC wont start up anymore, reason is above, second reason..


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Sorry man... I'd already read that as well doh!

It sounds like the motherboard could be shorting out? Especially as this happened when you moved the machine, something could have gotten inbetween the motherboard and the case.. It might be worth stripping the motherboard out and doing a little rebuild ensuring all contacts ect are fine.

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