Windows 10 - 2 problems on fresh system


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My pc:
8700K stock
2x8GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz ( XMP
Corsair 750 i
Asus Z370 Pro Gaming.

I have 2 disks. SSD Crucial 525 GB MX 300 and Toshiba 500GB.
I have an question about system Windows 10.
I installed from Pendrive USB Windows 10 from here:
Download Windows 10
On a fresh formatted ssd i install Windows 10.
When i installed Windows 10 there was a problem with...

1.When i go to windows settings, no matter what i click on system settings it wont opened. SO click and nothing.

2.Problem with web browsers ( Firefox and Chrome ).
When i go to some site, and try to download something ( right click save ), browser just hang,and not respond. I had to click X on the browser.
This happens in BOTH Firefox and Chrome, which is why I think it's an issue on Windows' part?

That was this 2 problems after i installed Windows 10 from Pendrive.
I dont know how but after 2-3 restart now its all fine and working fine.
I just ask why that happened? It maybe was related to my rams?
But i tested memtests and no errors. Thanks for suggestions.
I also checked DISK status, and GOOD HEALTHS.


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Hi. I tried for fun to reproduce issue and i made again format and install fresh Win10. But this time all was fine. No problems. But this time i dont had any automatically updates for W10 when on first time yes. Weird.


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When i choosed first time in UEFI XMP profile i saved and booted fine to UEFI. I turn off pc,turn on again after 2 hours, and then, i met screen: THE SYSTEM HAS POSTED IN SAFE MODE. This happened just once. Now its booting fine,but i dont know why it booted just once with this message.
Maybe that was related to this or not? Thanks