Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade Windows Defender revamp

I have downloaded the Win10 Upgrade through there executable and upgraded just like normal. I like the new look of some things, especially Windows Defender. Now I'm a gamer and I like my graphics, so when I had been experiencing major frame drops and my GPU utilization was below 50% I figured there was something wrong. Now before the upgrade just on win10 home edition I ran this game at full blown graphics, and after I had changed all of them to the lowest possible and the problem still arose. Recently I had just needed to end a process via Task Manager and I often scroll down when I see something flag red on its utilization. This was my CPU maxed at 100%. (I don't have the greatest processer in the world but it didn't have problems like this before) So upon scrolling down I had noticed that down in the windows processes there was something taking up a whopping 40% on average. Now I had turned this off and then went back to the game and my GPU was being able to utilize 90% and I had my frames back. I like that Microsoft dusted off windows defender and put some polish on it. but I do not like how they made it so needy and assertive. " we'll turn this back on automatically" I like how they make a failsafe to prevent people from forgetting they have it off, BUT how could you forget when it sends you a notification every time you turn boot up your computer. I just wish we had some control if we want it on or not because its very demanding on my system. If anyone has heard of any news relating this I would appreciate to hear it.

Axel PC

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I recently did a fresh install of Windows 10 AU. So far, 3 weeks, I've only been using Windows Defender and haven't install Kaspersky. And I definitely can tell my computer performs better without Kaspersky installed. I know you weren't asking this but just thought I'd give my 2 cents about that.

I haven't heard if MS is going to put in the ability to completely turn off Defender. I mean, most people on this forum have their main AV, then at least 1 or 2 other malware scanners installed along side their AV. Can you can increase your RAM so your games don't experience that hit when Defender is running/scanning?

@LoboVerde Increasing My ram allocation wouldn't matter too much because I barely use half of the 16gb I have in total. now I use about a 1/4 on the game I currently found the drop in frames. ("Can you can increase") in your last statement I don't fully understand what you getting at.

Axel PC

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Ah ok. @AcerbusNyx I meant increase, add more RAM to your computer. But that's not your issue, I just re-read your post and realized you said CPU. Hm, maybe you can shut down other processes since you can't shut down Defender completely?
Have you tried setting your Theme settings to basic? That should show an immediate difference.

I normally would have it on windows classic BUT Microsoft also removed that feature.

Axel PC

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Wow, you're right. I just checked.

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