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Hi everyone,
i have got BSOD several times since i upgraded to windows 10. This happens only when I connect my HTC android phone to my laptop through the usb cable. I have noticed it several times. I also tried to read the minidump file myself through the windbg tool, but I couldn't find the real reason. I know that it only happends when i connect my phone.

i really want to know what is the real reason. keep my phone connected while I am coding in android studio. so it may be possible that android studio might be causing this?



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Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffff80000003, fffff802f7962900, ffffd000243ff488, ffffd000243feca0}

Probably caused by : Wdf01000.sys ( Wdf01000!_FX_DRIVER_GLOBALS::WaitForSignal+2f7d4 )

Followup: MachineOwner
this bugcheck can be caused by a Hardware incompatibility, faulty device driver or system service.. Hardware issues, such as BIOS incompatibilities, memory conflicts, and IRQ conflicts can also generate this error.
You do mention about the bsod only occurring when you use your phone connected to the laptop. Checking your drivers I noticed this:

ANDROIDUSB.sys Mon Oct 26 08:54:23 2009: ADB Interface - Google Android USB Driver. This is very old especially for use with Windows 10. Please check for updates with your phone supplier.

Also your actual drivers are in need of updating and you can find later versions on the support page for your machine. Unfortunately no Windows 10 drivers are available so you'll have to use the drivers intended for Windows 8.1:
Laptops and netbooks :: IdeaPad Z Series laptops :: IdeaPad Z500 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US)

Check on the state of corruption within Windows by opening an admin command prompt (right click on start menu button and from the revealed menu choose admin command prompt). Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

Post any new dump files.

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