Windows 10 hangs after long time idling - cpu issue?


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Hi my pc:
108500K stock 4800mhz
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3200mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

I have updated Windows 10 to H20,the newest version. I installed windows 10 month ago with new pc. So far so good,games not crashing all stable.
My pc is on 24 hours. Today was idle 5-6hours in desktop. After few hours when i go to use pc, i run Google chrome and then all suddenly freezed. I mean i was able to touch/move mouse, but all stops resonding. Chrome,search bar,start button stops responding. Then i make ctrl alt delete and black screen with blue circle. So i make hard reset.
It happened first time that hang of system.
Is there somewhere my pc not stable or its a windows thing? Like i said pc was idle 5-6 hours when i go to use pc, i turned on google chrome and then all starts slowly hangs. I checked EVENT VIEWER: Nothing,0 entries about any errors.

ah ps
NZXT cam was on background and epic launcher + steam and msi afterburner

PS:Running currently Karhu Ram test no errors.

It was hardware issue?
Is any sense to run OCCT or realbench or other tests after that incident or skip it?


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if this issue only occurs when using Chrome then try checking the extensions and if need be remove them to test.

Run a sfc scan and see if all is ok with Windows:

Open an admin command prompt, type:

sfc /scannow

Press enter.

Post any dump files you may have.


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Also somebody said this to me:"
Many possible causes- you name it, it could happen.
PSU, RAM, disk, timing issues, dodgy hardware, overheating (any evidence?), overclocking (are you?), software bug, mismatched RAM (is all correct and consistent?)...."

So it can be my hardware?


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It's possible I guess but unless it's occuring frequently I wouldn't worry too much.


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Hey last question. Somebody said this to me:"check reliability monitor. If software issue it will show what software. If reliability dont show, then is hardware"

So i dont had any entries during that time in reliability. So it was hardware issue like he said or not ?


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I guess it's possible but as i wrote above unless the issue is occuring frequently then I wouldn't overly worry.

You could always stress test and see if the machine stands up.


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Pressing “Windows+Pause Break” (it’s up there next to scroll lock) opens the “System” Window.

Windows 10: In the new version of Windows, Explorer has a section
applinked called Quick Access. This includes your frequent folders and recent files. Explorer defaults to opening this page when you open a new window. If you’d rather open the usual This PC, with links to your drives and library folders, follow these steps:

  • Open a new Explorer window.
  • Click View in the ribbon.
  • Click Options.
  • Under General, next to “Open File Explorer to:” choose “This PC.”
  • Click OK
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