Windows 10 not detecting graphics card


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Geforce rtx 2060 gaming Z is my graphics card, however windows only tells me that I'm running Microsoft basic display adapter? When I try to update my drivers it tells me that it's not compatible with this version of windows even though I selected 64 bit home edition? Unsure what to try next
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You could also try forcing your graphics driver to detect your card via bcdedit or enabling "discrete graphics" through BIOS. Here are some instructions on how to do that if nothing else works.


If your graphics card is not recognizable to Windows, it may mean two things.
1. The graphics card is not properly connected to the Motherboard.
2. The drivers installed on the BIOS are old and outdated.

I think you should check the first option, that may be an issue.
We had a similar problem at our office (O365CloudExperts) and all we did to solve the problem was fitting the GPU in the right orientation.
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If the button is missing it means that your graphic card is enabled. If your Nvidia graphics subwaylistens card isn't detected on Windows 10, you can fix that problem by downloading the latest drivers for your device. Note: Before doing that, be sure to uninstall all previous Nvidia drivers that you have.
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yes sometimes it happen with the window and its not mean that the window has some error there is always some problem in your device I also faced this issue for some timeshere but fount the issue in my own device.


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To fix Windows 10 not detecting graphic cards, you can use the steps below and see if it works.
Enable graphics card
1. Open the Power Menue with the Win+X key.
2. Click on device manager, and expand display adapters.
3. Locate your graphic right-click on it and choose Disable.
4. Right-click on it again, and select enable.

After following the above steps restart your PC and check if your problem has been resolved.