Windows 10 Tray Icon Graphic Glitches


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Hi all, I followed one of the tutorial to center the taskbar icon using "Links" shortcut in the taskbar and I noticed my tray icon bar is glitching. Sometimes it does not show the entire tray icon, sometimes it disappears altogether (when this happens I have to toggle "Use small icons" in the setting to make it appears again). It moves all over the place when I tried clicking any icon from the tray icon bar. Disabling the links does not make the issue go away. I am not sure if the issue is related to the Links function. I've attached a few pictures. Things that I've done:

- Reset the PC (using Windows reset setting)
- Reset/Delete icon cache
- Restart the computer (duh)
- Restarting Window Explorer


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My money would be on number 1. visual enhancement utilities or 2. malware.
I did not install any visual enhancement utilities. Malware might be the culprit. I will run some extensive scanning and see. Thank you, for some reason I did not think about malware being the issue here.