Windows 10 update error, DirectToUpdate


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I am trying to find some info about this error: Session "Microsoft.Windows.DirectToUpdate" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035. Google & bing show nothing related to this. I have processed all the usual suspects: SFC, WU reset, DSIM restore, Manual installs from WU catalog, In place upgrade from media & assistant(which process but fail to complete upon restart). No restore points to revert to.

win 10H Ver. 1909

Symptoms are:

WU displays "Your device is missing important security and quality fixes" with no error codes. Will still process security updates as normal but no feature or SSU.

Power icon does not display notification emblem, but has update & restart/shutdown listed as options.

No failed updates errors

System performs fine with no other errors in Eventlog.

I'm missing something and unsure where to look now. I know I can just fresh install, but really want to avoid that due to the programs installed.


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The error is fairly out of the ordinary for a Windows update problem. Windows update errors always begin with 8007. C at the beginning usually indicates a non-Microsoft related error. Error 0035 is "bad network path" unless it's an NT status code in which case it means name collision.