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I tried the free issue of Windows 10 some time ago and was pleased I had not paid for it because it seemed alien to my addled brain.
Returning to Windows 7, my remaining sanity returned somewhat but why did I find W10 so alien? I don't want all that stuff that seems more applicable to mobile phones, I just want a plain and simple up to date PC Operating system which W7 tries to provide.
I worry that sometime soon, Microsoft is going to stop supporting W7 which means I might be forced to use W10 and then die of aggravation.
Does anyone have any idea what Microsoft is planning, assuming I am not the only person in the world who finds the update abhorrent?


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Mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in 2015. This means no new features. As of recently the Windows 7 update model has also changed, you can no longer get updates automatically nor through Control Panel > Windows Update. You need to get the updates here and they only come put once per month. Windows 7 will receive bug fixes and security update until 2020 at which point it will be EOL.


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Neemo means End-Of-Life (EOL) here, or "kaput" in lay terms. You sound like many users who angsted over moving from each and every version of window to a new one.:rolleyes: What's the point of all this, what do I need all that new junk that I'll never use, etc. etc. If you remember about 20 years ago, both business users and home users alike were lamenting on Internet forums when they first started about how horrible it was of Microsoft to force everyone to move to Win95 from Windows3.1.1.:waah: This happened again in 2001 when Microsoft announced the end of W95 and W98 and people had to upgrade to XP. :waah: 15 years later, I still have many customers who are so ticked off they had to give up their XP as they finally got used to it and couldn't learn anything else, can't teach an old dog new tricks, etc. etc. Most of us are resistant to change, but if we never embraced all the "useless" improvements we'd still all being using our computers to play Pong and turn off lights in our homes.:p W10 is the biggest deal Microsoft has done since XP, since W95, since Windows1.0. It's going to change how people use their computers, and how they use the Internet, and how they use Mobile Devices. You may not like it, but that's where it's going. Next decade or two we're in for the Internet of Things revolution, and unless you live in a cave, you're going to have to make the change otherwise simply give up and put your computer into the closet. LOL.:ahaha:



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BIGBEARJEDI, I am not one of those Luddites but I am getting on a bit. I was happy with W3.5 when that's all there was, similarly I coped with W98 despite the many shortcomings obvious to even an idiot like myself. I liked W Millennium and used it well beyond its 'kaput' stage by which time W7 had emerged onto the stage. I have no gripes with W7 it provided a usable and predictable operating system and still does as far as I am concerned. What I disliked about W10 was that it seemed applicable to mobile devices with tiny screens and people who have little else to do with their lives but gawp at them!

I never ANGSTED over any of the new editions because they always seemed a progression but I'm not certain I would call W10 more than a sideways slip! You said it, I may not like W10 but I'm sure I'm not alone. If Microsoft wants to reap financial gains from mobile device users that's their privilege but they shouldn't dump those who use their PCs for more serious business. Perhaps you disagree.


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Hi Ado;
Thanks for your response back. Just the fact that you know what Luddites are, means to me you are probably not one!! LOL :rofl:
I hear what you are saying. You certainly have the right to rant about it. If Macs weren't twice the price of Windows PCs, I would have been on one back in 1979 and never looked back! ;) So, I chose the correct side of the force I think.:andwhat: But when these issues such as forced updates and the whole mobile paradigm shift is jammed down our throats as you say, maybe us Windows geeks are on the dark side! LOL. ;)

In any case we welcome your opinion. I was expressing mine, as I happen to enjoy some of the Mobile device features, in fact I'm supposed to be teaching a workshop on it next month. I'll post back and let everyone know how that goes.

Keep on 'putin'!!;)

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Windows 10 as a service is a major change for them and the consumers, no doubt. But I think this was inevitable really. Software being used as a service is what the market wants now. Look at Pandora and Spotify, all services. Not many young people buy CDs or even mp3s anymore. They just stream stuff. Netflix and Hulu Plus as well. More and more people are fine with not owning that DVD/Blu-Ray box anymore. They just want to see the movie when ever and where ever they want.

I was did a one of those, move my head back and say what? When I saw the tiles menus on the start menu. I was like you too, this looks like something for mobile phone users.

Good discussion.

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