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I have installed Avast while I disabled Avira. Now Avast is on system and I am logged in as Admin in order to uninstall Avira. Unfortunately, Avira will not let me uninstall saying I need permission from Admin. Can someone give me a clue as to how to get this off my system...
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There is a FREE brute force uninsaller program called Bulk Crap Uninstaller (BCU) that programmer/developer Marcin Szeniak wrote. BCU is phenomenal in the removal of ANY program or application from your computer even though the program may or may not have a standard way to uninstall said program. This program was written in C++ and is constantly being tweaked and fine tuned. BCU will work freely on your machine via a portable version or can beinstalled directly onto your computer through an installer; either way the program works and works well. Each time you load BCU it re-images (reads in a current "uninstall profile") with a current "snapshot" of what BCU considers programs and applications. It does not matter if there is any uninstall information about an app/program BCU will remove them, all folders and files associated with them and any registry information that coincides with said app/program. Best of all its free.

Try BCU @

I swear by it. BCU has gotten me out of a few corrupt installs in where I had to reinstall windows and my programs/applications.



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RevoUninstaller is great! It's been around since the Windows XP days. They give a free trail, 30 days I think. I pay for a full version, well worth it. It has tons of options to uninstall programs that can't be via typical control panel uninstall. Just another option.