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It wont be officially available until end of 2021. But for those who are a part of the Windows Insiders Program, into Dev channel and have been downloading and installing all the updates till June 24, 2021, they all will be eligible to install the Windows 11 preview which will be released in next week.


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The reason I asked is I saw this.


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I understand, there have been so called leaks and ISO's available to download from third party source which may have have malicious code in them. So please dont download them or download them at your own risk. Only download when Microsoft starts rolling out the official Iso's of Windows 11. Till then you will have to wait. Also in the meanwhile you can check your hardware specs if Windows 11 can run or not on your system. :)


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To me is looks so. Should be a simple Windows.exe file.

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It is really Simple, you just use the ISO file to create an installation DVD, then you do the installation just as you would with factory installation media. They do this since most people don't have multiple hard drives, and it's going to format the C:\ drive in the process, so the media has to be on another drive.



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Howdy all. I reinstalled Win10 last night because Win11 was freezing up, even after a reboot. I'm just about ready to go back to Win11 because it's pretty cool. I'm also keeping in mind that Win11 Insider Preview is the dev channel, so maybe that's why it froze up on me twice. However, after installing Win11 a few days ago, I deleted the Windows.old directory, giving me over 17GB of space. Could Win11 have froze because I deleted the Win10 installation? (I hope you're not all confused. :confused:)


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I am with you, Mike. Cannot teach an old dog new tricks. But I beat you, last week i started into my 90th, thus old dog.
I still use Panel as you mentioned. Some clicks take you to Settings and I have learned to live with it.
My daughter who coded a PRG for NASA and is now on Mars, tried W-11 and found it so slow that she tried to get back to W-10, not possible. I have insisted that she clones all machines at least monthly or again just before doing somethng drastic like downgrading to W-11. Now she is paying the drummer. All my machines are cloned and I fool enough that I got out of jail often with a clone.
As far as I am concerned, I have read that W-10 EoL is 2025, will I still be pecking on my KB then ? Time will tell. I do not have any of my 5 machines honouring UEFI, no secure boot. That counts me out.
Congrats on your 83, junior. Daopa.
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