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I put together a new system last night and proceeded to install Win 7 64-bit and all was well. It's a legit retail copy of the Win 7 upgrade disk bought from Amazon.

After a handful of restarts (Windows updates, driver updates, etc) the computer decided to freeze at the Windows welcome screen (black screen w/Windows logo). I tried booting in safe mode and had no issues. I tried reverting to a previous save state prior to the freeze issues, but that didn't change anything. Safe mode continued to work.

I decided to attempt re-installing. Now I can't even get a working install. Windows 7 installs and then restarts. I get the welcome screen and then it goes to a screen where it's starting services, but then it just freezes. I've tried installing multiple times with the same results. Based on some digging in other threads I've tried:

1. Deleting all partitions during the new install and formating a single partition for install.
2. Unplugging all USB devices (only have a mouse and keyboard using USB anyway) during install.
3. Disabling the floppy drive option in Bios (don't have a floppy anyway).
4. Changing SATA in bios to "ACHI".
5. Loading bios "optimized configuration" and "failsafe configuration".
6. Clearing CMOS.

Hardware is as follows:Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 MoboCorsair CMPSU-550VX 550-Watt PSUIntel i5 750 Processor 2.66ghz
4gb Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 RAMGigabyte GeForce GTX460-1 GB Video Card
WD Caviar 1TB SATA Hard Drive

I read in other topics that people have been having issues with PSU's causing freezing. I also noticed some of these issues were with Corsair PSU's. I'm not sure if it might be related in my case. I also assume my PSU wattage is okay given what I'm running, but maybe it's underpowered. I've also noticed that for some reason when the computer posts it shows my CPU running at 2.8ghz instead of 2.66 even regardless of whether I run optimized or failsafe bios settings. Finally, I haven't had a chance to try taking one of my RAM sticks out to see if that's an issue.


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Thanks for the detailed post Naadofett. I think the only thing you don't mention is system Bios. Also with you saying the CPU speed isn't showing correctly is also a clue that the bios could need updating.

This is the download page for (rev.2.0) of your board (a link for rev.1.0 is also provided) and you'll notice a few updates are apparent:

GA-P55A-UD3 (rev. 2.0) - GIGABYTE

By the way, a 550W PSU is fine:

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Thanks. I'll see what I can dig up when I get home. All I know is the bios is whatever came shipped with the board. I know the mobo is rev 1.0, but I don't know if that's an indicator of a particular bios revision or not.

Also, thanks for the PSU wattage confirmation. It's been a couple years since I've built a PC. I've been more of a OSX guy recently, but wanted to build a rig that would be able to handle some serious gaming that I can't get out of my mac.

*EDIT* After looking at the bios link for my Rev. 1.0 board it looks like my bios is "F7" (I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that at post and wondered what it meant). So, that would mean it's from way back in early March '10 and there have been four bios updates since then. Looks like I should probably flash to "F11", which is more currently as of about a month ago.

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Cool. Let's hope this cures your ills. Good luck and please post either for help or to let us know how things are going.. :)

Tonight was full of all sorts of issues. When I got home from work I turned on the power and the computer turned on, but my CPU fan wasn't spinning anymore and I got no image on the screen. After fooling around with everything for a while I decided to just pull the mobo out of the case to eliminate any possible shorts. I've also tried various RAM configurations as well (both one stick and two).

My first re-install attempt was prior to bios flashing and disabled LAN, USB controller and enabled ACHI for the hard drive. Once again, the computer would freeze after restarting just after the "Starting Windows" screen at the updating registry settings screen. Curiously when it freezes the CPU fan goes from a lower power setting to full blast and I can only shut off the computer via PSU power switch.

Finally after all sorts of trial and error I was finally able to get the bios flashed to the newest revision. Unfortunately it didn't appear to do squat. I changed all the bios settings again as stated above, but this time it froze up at the "Starting Windows" screen (didn't get to the registry updates) and the CPU fan turned on full blast again. I should also note that for this attempt and for the previous attempt I tried only running one stick of RAM.

At least I know I'm not shorting out the mobo so the case isn't the issue. The video card shouldn't be the problem. DVD drive shouldn't be the problem. I don't believe the RAM is the issue. That pretty much leaves the PSU, mobo and maybe hard drive (I know the drive isn't bad, but maybe some weird incompatibility issue?).

It just kills me that building my own PC that should run with Win 7 can't even get an install working, but I had no issues getting Win 7 running on the iMac under Bootcamp. Ah the irony. I guess I could always install XP on the PC, but I can't give up that easy.

Any other thoughts?


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OMG.. I really thought the bios flash would be it.. Damn!

I see you were running on one stick of RAM. Did you try running on the other stick to see if things were the same? Apart from that, are all connections correct and sound?
Check CPU is seated properly and that no thermal grease has gotten onto the pins.?

Damn I've got to rush out but will be back shortly... Will write more then..

I'm going to try one quick install before work with just 1x stick of RAM in the 4th slot. Somebody else in another forum had an issue where that board only had one working slot in pos. 4. All connections are definitely solid. I was extremely anal when putting the AS5 paste on. I use a razor blade to spread a very thin/even layer on top of the processor and that's it. So I know I didn't get any on the pins by mistake although this weekend if this continues I'll probably pull it apart and try again. As far as I could tell the processor was seated properly since I could only go in one way.

I could always try to install XP to see what happens there. It's just weird that Win 7 installed once then on a reboot decided to start freezing and was hosed from that point forward. I'm starting to think my initial install was just plain "luck" and there was still an underlying problem somewhere.

I have a feeling a couple trips to Fry's might be in order this weekend.... :(

*EDIT* Another install failed and frozen at the "Starting Windows" screen after first reboot during install procedure. Didn't even get to updating services. CPU fan once again goes from normal to full blast upon hard freeze. Attempted install with 1x stick RAM in slot 4 and bios at failsafe defaults with ACHI on, LAN controller off, floppy off, and only had a USB keyboard plugged in (which was unplugged during the initial Windows install and left unplugged for reboot).

*EDIT 2* I ordered a 300gb WD Velociraptor drive, which should show up tomorrow. I'd read some reports of people having issues with W7 installing on a 1TB drive. Even if that's not the issue I could use that 10k RPM drive anyway for W7, apps, games, etc and I'll just use my 1TB drive for movie storage, etc.

I'm going to stop by Fry's on the way home to snag another PSU and Asus P7P55D mobo to try for kicks.

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Have you tried the HD setting on SATA? Plus check the RAM is running at it's required voltage (you could always try bumping the voltage up a notch). Here's your RAM specifications just in case:

Speed Rating=PC3-12800
Tested Speed=1600Mhz Size
4GB Kit (2 x 2GB)
Tested Latency=9-9-9-24
Tested Voltage=1.65
Performance Profile=XMP
SPD Speed=1333Mhz
SPD Latency=9-9-9-24
Package=240pin DIMM
Fan Included=No

Edit: Just seen your last 'Edit'.. Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.. Best of luck! :)

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Well, some interesting news.

I stopped by Fry's after work today and picked up a new mobo (Asus P7P55D) and PSU (Antec EA-650). First I tried the Antec PSU with the hardware above. I thought the issue was fixed because after the "Loading Windows" screen it brought me back to the install screen and was on the completing install step... but then the little progress dots stopped moving and it was locked... I decided to try another install just in case. Windows again froze up just after the first reboot.

Out comes the Asus board with the new PSU. Got everything plugged in, but no display on boot. Discovered I didn't have my stick of RAM in channel 1A, which I guess was creating that problem. Once I got that sorted out Windows continued it's install procedure from the above install. Low and behold I've got W7 running and downloading updates as I write this.

So what's my conclusion? I'm guessing it's a bad and/or incompatible mobo for whatever reason (the Gigabyte). I may try doing another install on the Asus board with my original Corsair PSU just to rule that out (I like the cabling better on the Corsair). I can't get too excited about the current install as I'm going to have to re-install again anyway once my new Velociraptor drive shows up tomorrow. The mobo is going back to Fry's though because it was an open-box and was missing the I/O shield. I'd much rather run a brand new one, but they didn't have any in stock so I may have to hit up Amazon again. Anybody know what would happen if I installed a clean W7 install on the new Velociraptor drive and the current Asus board (that's going back) and then swapped a new one back in once I got it? That shouldn't screw up the Windows install, right?.... since I'd be replacing one board with the same exact one?


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great to hear your news.. :)

As to your question, I'd hazard that you would probably need to re-activate windows but it shouldn't screw the actual install up. If I were you tho' I'd still perform a clean install with the new board.
Thanks once again for the update..

All seems to be well now. New mobo fixed the issue. Unfortunately Frys wouldn't take the tester board back tonight because they said it had bent pins. I'll spare the rest of that annoying story.

Needless to say I brought it home to see if I could restore the 2-3 minorly tweaked pins to see if it would still post. Yes, it did. Unfortunately when I pulled the processor out of my new board that I replaced the Frys one with I managed to bend a pin! I'm not normally a clutz like this, but it happened. So once again I attempted repair on my "keeper board" and re-assembled the PC. I did get to post, boot into Windows and the computer appears to be functioning properly.

Can anybody tell me if I should be in the clear? I completed the Windows Performance Index and everything came in at 7.3 proc, 7.5 RAM, 7.4 GTX 460, 7.4 Gaming Graphics, ad 5.9 Hard Disk. CPU-Z and Windows Task Manager seem to show all 4x cores on the i5 and WTM shows CPU usage on all four channels. Is there anything else I should consider trying to verify mobo/CPU stability or should I be in the clear?

I realize this is only partially related to my OP, but if anybody can reassure me I'd be thankful as I couldn't see to find any good answers via the Google.


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Bent pins huh? So that's what it was... As for the little accident, I would say that as long as the CPU is reporting back correct and your not exhibiting any other issues then you should be fine. You've already seen the symptoms from the previous bad so you know what to look for...

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