Windows 7: 175 Million Copies Sold

From: website July 26, 2010 by Paul Thurrott

As part of its quarterly and annual financial results released late last week, Microsoft announced that it had sold more than 175 million copies of Windows 7 through the third week of July. That milestone comes less than a month after the company's previous Windows 7 sales announcement, when the company revealed that 150 million units had been sold.

"With 175 million licenses sold to date, Windows 7 is the fastest-selling operating system ever and now runs on over 16 percent of all PCs worldwide," Microsoft COO Peter Klein said in a discussion with financial analysts. That means that Microsoft's new OS has an installed base several times larger than that of Windows' closest competitor, Apple's Mac. And it's only been available in the market for nine months.
According to Microsoft, Windows 7 is now selling at a rate of about 10 units every second. Put another way, Microsoft sells almost 1 million copies of Windows 7 every single day. (The company reported 25 million unit sales in the previous 25 days, for example.)

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Yeah, that's amazing and its going to contiune to grow. I love 7.

Wow i bet that equates to some $$$$

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