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Hi there all,

Windows 7 still running well for me... no BSOD's yet (as I always got them with Vista).

Is it possible for me to "Upgrade" a 32bit install to a 64bit install?

My rig is designed for a 64bit OS and I'd like to see how this runs... at the min I have Windows 7 32bit installed ;)

Thanks loads
As far as I am aware, you need to do a fresh install when moving from x86 to x64. You would be better to do a backup, wipe and install and copy back over your docs, etc.
I was thinking about doing the same thing, but wondering if w7 will save all of my existing docs and transfer to the new 64 bit version. Does anyone have any positive experience with this? (I have all my docs backed up on disk, but was wanting to know if this can be done without problems).
... you can't go 32->64.
So no, it won't save anything.
The only way to do it is a clean install.
Hi there
Why don't you try first to install W7 -X64 as a VM -- you CAN run a 64 bit GUEST OS on a 32 BIT HOst if the Virtualisation feature is switched on or enabled by default. Most modern Mobos have a Bios option for this. It's often enabled anyway by default -- for example my laptop doesn't have this setting but the 64 Bit guest works fine.

That way you can test to see if you like it AND YOU CAN NETWORK between the GUEST and HOST OS'es -- no probs with documents etc -- just share the files.

(BTW in future it's always a good idea to SEPARATE User data from the OS so if you re-insta;ll the OS you don't have to worry about recovering your data.

On a decent Rig you'll get nearly Native speed on a VM provided your Host isn't too busy (and BTW there are a load of V2P (Virtual to Physical) utilities so you can then try it on a Real machine.

Unless you have some serious 3D hardware most stuff should work pretty well with a VM.