Windows 7 Windows 7 32bit clean install


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Jun 3, 2009
So when I boot to the 32bit (or 64bit for that matter) It always gets to the setup welcome screen I take
it but all I see is the background and it just sits there.
Ive burned 5 different dvd's of the 32 and 64 bit versions and they all do the same thing.
Ive unplugged everything so only the monitor is plugged in.

I have a 9600 GT with acer 19" plugged in to DVI port. Tried both ports on back of card.

Installed ATI x850XT card and same exact thing happens.

To install it I had to install a clean copy of XP then run the W7 setup from XP then it rebooted and installed fine.

Any suggestions?
What version?


If it was a leaked copy then it was tempered with most likely.
Download and install the latest BIOS updates for your mother board.
Then Re-Install Win 7 and use your Vista Drivers for your G-Card.
Worked for me!!!:D
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