Windows 7 64-bit Black Screen on Boot Up

david cooksey

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Hi i am having a problem w/ my new computer that is only like 6mo. old.

When doing a regular log on where the desktop should be located at i only see a black screen.

I can log on in safe mode w/ networking and i can get to the desktop and icons located on the desktop that way.

I have not installed any programs in the past 2 month on the computer.

The web sites that i goto are ebay, youtube,,,
Link Removed due to 404 Error,, and Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Management from UPS this is the total.

None of the NO NO web sites cause you get viruses and other bugs.

If i do not know who a e-mail is from it does not get opened mark it as spam & delete it.

Shure could use some help w/ this problem.

Sincerely Dave
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Here are some tips to fix black screen error on Windows 7 systems with the cursor hang:

Use Windows 7 DVD

You can use the Windows 7 DVD to repair these black screen issues in the system. For this, you need to insert the DVD in the system and then restart the system. You will be then prompted to press any key to boot from the disk. After pressing any key, you will reach the “Install Now” screen. In this screen, you need to select the ‘Repair Your Computer’ options. In the next screen appearing, you will get two options from which you need to select the first option and then select the OS you installed in the system. Choose ‘Start-Up Repair’ from multiple repair options. You will get the system restarting itself and you can get the issue resolved with this.

Last known good configuration

It is possible that any serious changes to the Windows 7 system get it in black screen error with the cursor hang. You can try restoring the system to its last known good configuration to resolve the issue. For this, you need to tap specific keys to enter the set-up of the system. As the BIOS appear, search out the Restore Default Settings options. After selecting the option, save it and then exit the menu. You will then get the system to its initial state. You will get a boot options menu as your computer restarts and you need to select the ‘Last known good configuration’ from this.

Disconnect any external devices

If still you experience the black screen issue in Windows 7 system, you can check if any of system hardware is causing the issue. For this, you need to remove each external device of the system and try to start up the system. You may try disconnecting any unwanted internal devices to fix the issue.


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Are you showing any blinking cursors?

Sort of sounds like there may be a problem with a resolution. Do you have an external monitor, if it is a laptop, have you cycled the monitor selector?

In safe mode, you might check the video driver, perhaps Windows replaced it for you. You could also set the system to boot in basic video to see if that helps.