Windows 7 64 bit Can't load login screen when using video card, but can when using integrated card


So I did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit and I ran into a problem where windows would not load the log in screen. In fact during the installation it would not load when windows wanted to start for the first time. This happened while I was hooked into my Nvidia GeForce 8300 video card.

My computer also has a integrated card that I switched back to and when I did everything worked fine. I have downloaded the latest drivers and gotten all the windows updates available but whenever I try to go back to my nvidia video card, on start up the screen will go black before I get to the login screen.

Any help on this would be great.


Power off the machine. Install the card and attach the monitor to it. Boot to bios and disable the onboard vga.

Boot to safe mode + networking. Install the latest driver for it. Boot to normal mode. If you want the NVIDIA Control Panel, then install the driver again from normal mode.



I tried what you said, and unfortunately there was no difference, when I rebooted in normal mode hooked into the nvidia card it still sent me to a black screen prior to the log in screen.

Install the latest chipset drivers and bios for the motherboard.

Try again the same way if need be.

If still fail, the card is no good.

Still no go, the other thing I just noticed is when I am hooked up to the nvidia card but have it disabled then I can log into windows in normal mode just fine. Once i re-enable it, however, it goes back to black screen prior to login on reboot.

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