Windows 7, 64 bit. crashes computer. NO BSOD, only screen freezes and Manual reboot is needed.


I got a problem where my computer randomly crashes. Usually when playing WoW, but I noticed it already freezes on random times.

Computer Spec.
1 x 6GB (3 x 2 GB ) Corsair Xms3 - 1333 MHz / PC3 10666 - CL9 (TR3X6G1333C9)
1 x Intel Core 2 Duo / E8600 / 3.33GHz / 1333FSB / 6MB / LGA-775 (X80570E8600
1 x Corsair TX 750Watt Power Supply (CMPSU-750TXE)
1 x Asus Miditower TA-881 black / silver - PSU (TA-881)
1 x Samsung SH-S233F/BEBE bulk black SATA (SH-S223F/BEB)
1 x Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit DVD Dansk 1pk
1 x 300 GB-WD VelociRaptor HLFS - 10000RPM -16 MB - SATA II (WD3000HLFS)
1 x Asus P5Q3 Intel P45 - ATX - DDR3 - GLAN - RAID (P5Q3)

DXdiag Attached.

OS - Windows 7, 64 bit.

I have sadly no idea on when the problem started or what is triggering the problem.
I updated most of the hardware which I know about.
At some point a game from Steampowered updated Directx. I had thought this might have did it, so I deleted it in Regedit after a few guides on Google. Did not seem to help.

The computer just Randomly Freezes, no trigger effect.

Hope you can help me, since 1 crash pr hour is not fun. Please do tell if you need more information.

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Added Seven Forums Diagnose Tool in this mail.


Captain Jack

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Seems like few things are going on. First of all uninstall your nVidia Driver and reinstall it.
nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !!

Then run a Hardware Diagnostic because seems lie something is going on with your RAM. Follow this link for assistance Hardware Diagnostic !!

ASACPI.sys Mon Mar 28 08:00:36 2005 is seems to be out-dated. It

Go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and rename ASACPI.sys to ASACPI.old and reboot the System.

Hope this helps,

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Captain Jack

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Sorry the Event Viewer Logs wasn't very helpful since it's in some other language :(

Hello Mr. Sparrow. Thanks for your help until now.

I am on the nVidia Cleanup atm.

Should Asacpi cure the problem without doing the first two?

Yeah it is in danish.. Sorry for that.

Tell me if I should translate it and I will. :)

Captain Jack

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Well ASACPI.sys well know for problem. You could try that first. Then go to Hardware Diagnostic.

Good Luck,

Renamed Ascapi.old.

Deleted nvidia and used Driver sweep.
Reinstalled new Nvidia driver.

Runned Memtest 2 times - both pass.

Atm trying to see if it helped.

Captain Jack

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Make sure you run atleast 6 passes !!

8 Passes 0 errors. Toke aprox 10-11 hours.

That sadly didnt help Captain.

After computer running Memtest for 11 hours.

Then I rebooted, ran WoW for 30 mins and crashed as I always do. :(

Any ideas?

The latest crash dump posted is from May. It would be very helpful for you to post a new crash dump that happened from today or much more recently.

You should test the memory modules by leaving only one stick of RAM in and physically removing all others. Do this for each stick you have - one at a time.

Many consecutive passes are needed to make a decent guess that the module(s) are well. If any show any errors at all, you've got an answer to the problem then.

For now also, you could try uninstalling whichever antivirus you have and then replacing it with MSE. MSE does not ever cause crashes of any type while whatever you have very well may be.

Install the latest video card driver from here:



Edit: I see you have AVG. That is notorious for crashes. Use the special tool to remove it from here:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

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I installed the newest driver from Nvidia. 257.21 I think it is called.

I unstalled AVG a month ago. (Uninstalled in the normal way)

Atm. im using a Fullrate Security package, which are from my own Internet provider.

[Edit] I crashed again after 1.5 hours of playing.

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Ya, like I was saying, I can't really help ya too much without a new recent crash dump.

So 3 things you can try at your discretion in no particular order:

1) Post a new crash dump if you have one.
2) Test the modules in the manner I described.
3) Use the tool I linked you to, in safe mode, to make sure all remnants of AVG are gone. I would also uninstall that Security package and replace with MSE, since MSE is known to never cause any crashes. This way, if you continue to have them, you can be sure it is not an a/v problem.

Important to get all that AVG stuff away.

And another crash 2 mins after last one.

1) How do I make a new Crash dump? (The last one I made was from yesteday, and it only recorded som crashes in may?)
2) I will try the ram tomorrow, How many passes per ram should i go for?
3) I will try to do this aswell tomorrow.

[Edit] AVG deleted completely with your program. Other Security program also deleted.

Only thing im missing are the Ram.

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Small Update.

46 mins after last reply I crashed again.

Same kind of crash.

Reinstall of Windows 7? Have not tried the serperate ram yet. Still need to know how many times that each ram must pass.

You can go to C:\Windows\Minidump and copy the files in there to any other folder. Then zip the files. Attach the zip to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.

Simple answer to your question is more passes the better. Even many passes do not guarantee that RAM is well. It only serves to give an excellent guesstimate. After many and there are not errors, you can then probably begin to believe that RAM is alright.

Apparently my last post never got subjected.

I only got those two Minidumps in that folder.
The last minidump is from May. No newer minidump than from may.

Should I reinstall Windows?

A thing I noticed which have not been mentioned.

I installed a Steampowered game, it wanted to update Directx. I updated, and maybe the crashes increased after this. (I am not sure, but just so you have that into the equation)

I will try the Manual Ram testing over the next couple of days. Letting each Ram get 10-15 hours of testing.

Would it possible to just remove a ram and try running with the other 2. And in that way try to cycle through the ram.

The crash is 1 pr hour aprox. So should be possible to see a difference.

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