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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by SolarMax, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Good Day All

    I loaded Windows 7 64 a couple of weeks ago in a new installtion and it has been running very well for the most part. One thing that I find impressive is the Program Compatibility Monitor. I loaded an older 32 Bit Software Application that I thought was running well. But I started to receive compatibility warning messages. I really didn't notice anything in the way of hiccups so I kept right on going. After a few starts over the next couple of days the computer forcibly shut it down and wiped out the Desktop Shortcut. That is impressive ! But if you are going to do that at least give the OS some personality. How about adding a Pop-up of an angry face with the message "HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU I CAN' T RUN THIS JUNK. SO STOP BOTHERING ME ! "

    With that said this program is important to me and I will need to use it so I am preparing to start from scratch with a new hard drive to set up a Dual Boot Configuration with Windows XP. I will be using a 750 GB Hard Drive which I intend to partition as 650/100 for Windows7/XP. Here are my questions.

    1) What order should the programs be installed for best operation ? I understand that sometimes the second program loaded can experience glitches.

    2) Is it best to Partition Drive C for 650 GB and load Windows 7 while partitioning Drive D for 100 GB with Windows XP ?


    3) Should I reverse the order and partition Drice C for 100 GB and load XP while Drive D is allocated 650 GB and gets Windows & loaded ?

    Any other tips or references regarding setting up a Dual-Boot System would be greatly appreciated.

    It appears to me that Microsoft has a winner on it's hands with Windows 7 64. It loads fast and boots up even faster. The speed improvement over XP is eye opening. And it addresses the need to accomodate more memory which larger applications will need in the near future.

    Thank you for your time and attention

    Bob SolarMax
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    I'd install Windows 7 and Windows XP on two smaller partitions, then all your programs on a second partition, the ones you use most first (performance benefits, can't really explain them to you).

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