Windows 7 64 NIC problem


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Well my problem is before I moved my internet worked perfectly, but now that I moved and left my old cisco switch at my old house the internet does not work. If I go pick up that switch and use it instead of this belkin one it would work. Why would that happen? I tired all of that inconfig stuff and running a diagnostic, but it still shows any cord I plug in as not plugged in.

In the Belkin one, it probably has physical address (mac address) restrictions. Meaning that you have to add your mac address of your computer's adapter to the router for access.

From a command prompt:

ipconfig /all
That will tell you the physical address. Then from another computer, you can go to the router's page and input it into the list for allowances. If you don't have another computer already working with the router, simply reset the router to factory conditions. Most have a tiny little button to push in with a pen tip to do so.


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I just checked the routers settings and mac address control is disabled

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