windows 7 64bit and alienware m17x

HI just got my new laptop and having a few issues with w7,

First but i think i may have fixed it sometimes i couldnt open itunes or steam if i clicked on them nothign would happen the hour glass would come up for a secm if i goto task manager they are in there so i tryed ending them and open them again nothing normally a restart would fix it sometimes it would take a few goes tho i deleted google desktop and dameon tools and updated nvida graphics cards and sound and windowns seems to may have fixed it,

Another problem came up today it seems the screen saver and power options dont work eg screen never comes u p ive tried turning it off and on etc nothing if i goto preview i can prview it for 1 sec then it goes away i even tryed pull out my external mouse etc and leaving it still nothing same goes with when to turn the screen off and dim the screen etc,

Thats it for now any ideas :)

bump re task bar preview and tab problem

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