Windows 7 Windows 7 (6801) PDC Audio Problems


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First card I tried is Sound Blaster Audigy Value, nothing nadda

Second is my built in HD Realtek Soundcard, exactly the same problem.

The drivers install and system restarts however I keep on getting Code Error 39:confused:

These are with the Vista drivers.

I could try using XP drivers but I know the audigy ones refuse to install even with XP compatibility mode

Any other ideas guys or am I doomed to be restarting into Vista whole time.

Thank you
I eventually discovered what the problem was aka is.

1) BlueBadge making it look all pretty seriously damaged Win7's ability to install an audio driver :frown:
2) I can only install the Audigy Driver found in Windows Update installing any other results in an instant BSOD :(
3) As a result of using the MS driver I can only get stereo sound on the system and 5.1 is impossible:confused: