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Dec 29, 2008
I am using build 7000 with Outlook 2007 connected to MS Exchange 2007 via RPC. For some reason now I cannot get it to update my inbox, even though I have authenticated to Exchange.....have any of you experienced something like this?
I am using Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003 backend and it all seems to work ok. Sorry!:confused:
Maybe I am reading your issue wrong, but is the problem related to logging in when you first open Outlook 2007?
I am having the same issue...

I have an External exchange server. I access this server through RPC and have done so since 2005 and it has worked great. SO this is a Windows 7 issue. I am sure it is a small issue and has something to do with authentication. Either way I can not log in to Outlook but have no issues loging in to Outlook Web Access...

Thanks for your help!
Before you start this steps, makesure you backup ost file and delete all mail accounts.
Outlook 2007 in Windows 7 unable to access Microsoft Exchange Server.
1. After setup Microsoft Outlook 2007 with MS Exchange, You need to login via popup screen and finish.
2. When you try to run Microsoft Outlook 2007 with popup login screen and application will quit by itself. The system unable to login to Ms Exchange due to wrong protocol (Default Protocol Type : UDP) used. Windows 7 using IPSec as a firewall security.
3. Using wrong protocol (UDP – Default) and have to change it from UDP to TCP.
4. Start – Control Panel – Administrative Tools - Windows Firewall With Advanced Setting
5. Click Inbound Rules and select “Microsoft Office Outlook”

6. Click “Protocol and Ports” tab
7. Change protocol type from “UDP” to “TCP” then click “OK” button to exit and saved to change.
8. Start – Control Panel – Click “Mail (32bit) icon – Click “E-Mail Account …” Button
9. Double click Account Name. e.g. : Microsoft Outlook Exchange

10. Click “More Setting” Button and click “Security” tab

11. Un-tick “Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange” then click “OK” to save the changes and exit

12. Start – Run and Enter “Outlook.exe –firstrun”.
13. Try to run Outlook 2007 application and login to the system.
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