Windows 7 (7100) boots to a black screen

I got back from vacation and everything seemed to be working just fine. I loaded the drivers for a logitech video camera and it bluescreened on me. When it rebooted, I just get a black screen with the mouse cursor. If I boot up in safe mode, it works just fine. Scratching my head on this one.

How long did you wait before rebooting it in safe mode? A lot of times that happens to me, I just wait for maybe 30 seconds and it plays the startup sound and you can log in.

I had to completely re-install 7. It never would boot up correctly. Now, I get a lot of memory dumps (blue screen) for various things.

Check for Bad Sectors

You may have HD problems. I'd check for bad sectors before going further.

I did do a checkdsk once or twice and nothing out of the ordinary came up. I seem to be blue screening a lot now. It's kinda hit and miss.

Surface Scan

You need to do more than a basic chkdsk. Select the surface scan option.

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