Windows 7 (7600) Update - Error Code 80070005

I have two machines, desktop and laptop, both running Windows 7 Build 7600 (64-bit and 32-bit respectively) that just started getting the "Code 80070005" message when running Windows Update. I have seen many others with this issue (apparently it used to be an issue with Vista) but it's surfacing again on Windows 7. I have tried any of the proposed fixes:

  • Rebuilding the "C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution"
  • Running the SubInACL tool to repair file and registry permissions
  • Disabling the firewall (Windows Firewall) and anti-virus (Avast Home) without any effect.

Does anyone have a reliable fix yet? I'd rather not reformat both machines just because there's an incorrect setting somewhere.


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Did you run the Windows update troubleshooting tool? Check Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Troubleshooting.

Hi, Saltgrass! That's a great feature to know about, as I didn't even think about it. Unfortunately it completed without detecting a problem.

I have yet to find a solution for this. Can anyone help?


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It is extremely hard for me to believe you have 2 computers with a Windows 7 upgrade that are exhibiting the exact same problem. There must be something in common with the two computers.

Since you upgraded both, you probably set the exact same preferences, but there must be something more than just that. If you are using the same software, maybe you could try another version on one of the computers. Wherever you got it from, get it from somewhere else.

Do you have another network you can use for the updates, or can you put one of the computers in the DMZ?

Yes, some folks are having problems with Windows update. I have never had any problems with 3 beta editions or the RTM version.

I concur that there's a common aspect between both machines. The only common thing I can think of is that both machines had the RTM installed that I upgraded to the retail version.

I've tried upgrading the laptop on another network, and I also have a third machine on this network running Windows 7 that doesn't have this issue, so I don't think it's the network.


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The only common thing I can think of is that both machines had the RTM installed that I upgraded to the retail version.
You have to be careful how you say things, so we do not get confused. Like do you mean RC installed since the RTM is the retail? When you say upgrade, did you do one of those inplace upgrades from the RC?

I did mean to say RTM, just that I didn't find out that the RTM release was the same as the retail release I purchased until after performing the upgrade, so I essentially upgraded from the same build to the same build.


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Well, maybe the RTM is the problem. If you can't find an answer, you might think about doing a clean install and format all the partitions prior.

Your error might be related to a permissions problem. It seems some folks were able to fix it that way but some were not. Some had Norton running that was causing problems.

Do you know if you are having problems with one update, or several? I show 9 Windows updates so far. If you can't get the information from the Windows Update utility, there is a log (ReportingEvents.log) in Windows\SoftwareDistribution that shows the history. Maybe it could tell you something you don't see otherwise.

Yeah, I may end up doing a reformat. I just wanted to avoid that if I could.

I can't tell if it's any particular update because it throws this error before even finishing scanning for updates.

I had this issue today . Please click on this link and download the fixit tool . This will reset windows update componants. Reboot and then try again . keep up posted

I had this issue today . Please click on this Link and download the fixit tool . This will reset windows update componants. Reboot and then try again . keep us posted.

Unfortunately, I already reformatted the machines. Thanks for the help, though!

I downloaded the fixit tool and rebooted but am still getting the 80070005 error when the update tool goes to search for new updates. I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit. I ID is running only as ADMIN and currently only have Microsofts firewall installed.
Any other possibilities? I also cleared the update log file, downloaded the current version of the Updater and ran the troubleshooter.
Anything else?



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FWIW. Maybe of help to both posters. If either used the easy trasfer tool, this will be the problem. It could be classed as a bug. When you transfer from another, previously installed OS, particularly Vista, several programs are locked out of the Administrative permissions. I think, at the moment, the only way to circumvent it is to install your earlier third party software manualy.

Hello Dave,
Thank you for the reply. Nothing was ever transferred from another OS. I have never used the easy transfer tool. The problem I am having is with the Microsoft update tool, where it cheks the microsoft website itself to see if there are any OS, driver or security fixes etc. It gets the 80070005 error when it trys to check the microsoft website for new updates. It had been working for about a year. The only changes to the system were updates from the same website that is now failing on about 12 days prior and checks for updates were successfully run everyday between that last update and when it started failing. The "Fixit" tool was downloaded and installed to try and fix the error and was not cause.


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