Windows 7 additional log off / on issue

We have a requirement to change key board properties (Repeat delay, Repeat rate and Cursor blink rate) and Default Input language programmatically.

Our application is run under user context which is different from the user who is currently logged-on to the machine.
For ex: If User1 is logged-in to the machine. Our application will be running under User2 (administrator) context.

Our requirement is, when application running in User2 context, changed/updated keyboard properties and input language must reflect for all users who log in to that machine afterwards. To meet this requirement, we’re using Group Policy Object (GPO).

In Windows XP, once changes written to GPO, One must log off and then log on again for the changes to take effect. For the changes to take effect for another user, the computer must be switched off, and then switched on again. One computer restart will ensure reflection of changes for another user.

On Windows 7 systems, for the settings to take effect, one should shut the system down and then restart it. After restarting, one should log on, log off immediately, and then log on again. Here, it requires additional log off and log on for changes to take effect.

Is there any alternative approach to avoid additional log off and log on for Windows 7 systems? Or is it a defect in windows 7 system? If so, when this will get addressed?

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