Windows 7 and 9800 GX2 problem


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Hi All,
Have someone tried to run Nvidia 9800 GX2 under Windows 7 x64?
When I run games or benchmarks PC get freeze. After many attempts with drivers (currently with 180.60) I decide to disable SLI in CP and all games and benchmarks get start to work perfect but only with one core and slowly of course When I enable SLI problems start again.
I've found information by google that Windows 7 will not support Hybrid SLI and Cross fire (which is very strange I think), but in my case this isn't Hybrid SLI, am I right or it's the same.
Is there a solution?!


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Where are you getting these drivers? Are you just using Vista drivers?



You are correct, Windows 7 will not be supporting hybrid SLI. Hybrid SLI is the ability for a video card to work with the integrated video on a motherboard. I work in a computer store and we dont can many of these products so I dont know how long its goin to last.


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Strange, I remember reading that Hybrid SLI was to be the next big thing. Saying that, so was the Voodoo 5. And living on the moon.

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