Windows 7 and a random bug with programs

It seems to happen randomly, but I will be in a program (Media Player Classic, World of Warcraft and other games) and whether or not they are maximized I will randomly be "booted" from the program.

For instance I will be playing World of Warcraft and I will be moving around or typing something and all of a sudden I will start hearing the pinging sound like I'm trying to type somewhere I'm not supposed to. I click back into the program and everything is fine, but it can be very annoying.

I also noticed this today while watching a movie on my PC, my Media Player Classic would randomly not be the program that was on top, like I had not selected it.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Also I'm running 64bit Home Premium after an upgrade install.

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It is hard to figure it out offhand, but looks like certain applications are stealing focus from your active window. Keep fewer windows open and see if it helps. Does it behave the same way if only 1 window is open ?

I'll try that out, I'm usually running with Itunes + Game + A Firefox browser at any given time. I will try it with just the game open.


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This is not a solution to your probably, but you can right-click on the shortcut and choose Run Maximized in the Run drop-down menu

Well actually you would'nt want to do that with Medua Center Classic.

Yea it's actually the newer media player, media player classic homecinema. But I'm pretty sure it's something other than those programs. I just want to figure out the one that may be causing it lol :O

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