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In the past I saved music on my computer in mp3 format, and I was able to edit the properties (artist, track number, album, year, etc.) of the file in the music folder. Recently, I started saving them in FLAC format, but I noticed that I cannot edit the properties like I could with mp3. Does it have to do with the program I am ripping them from? I use Nero Burning ROM 10. Thanks for any help.


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Reading your post, can edit stuff under Properties > Details of mp3, cannot edit stuff under Properties > Details of Flac.
Never noticed that before as I use a tag editor. (or somtimes the one built into MediaMonkey)

I downloaded and installed mp3tag to use as a tag editor, but I don't quite understand what the purpose of it is. All of the information about the song is there, such as track number, year, genre, etc., but the file still looks the same in my Music folder on my desktop, with no track number, genre, year, and album. I'm just not sure what the program is supposed to do.

So basically, is it possible to edit the properties of a flac file in Windows 7?


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After speaking to someone "in the know", just remember this was in a bar plus it was Christmas!, you can edit FLAC tags with 3rd party tag software/music players, but it doesn't show up in Windows! So, what the point is I don't know. Maybe if you know someone/have access to a Mac (spit!!), it may show up in that. Otherwise I can't see the point.

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